The pencil is mightier than the sword

Hmm well no shit all those people weren't lying. Granted they didn't mean like this, but still this was impressive. Supposedly she was trying to commit suicide...what a way to go out.

  • Jay D. July 21, 2014

    This chick as some balls. Not only did she get the first pencil in, and you know that had to hurt like hell. Then she stabbed the second pencil in. Fucking balls woman. You got them. You should have tried vodka and painkillers. Way easier.

  • crazyvet July 21, 2014

    This fucked up world is full of guns, bombs, deadly chemicals, and serial killers, and all you could think of to kill yourself was a fucking pencil?

  • xizang July 21, 2014

    She's in danger of getting an infection.

  • johnhancock July 21, 2014

    Deez Bitched be Crazy

  • cthulu July 21, 2014

    Of all the ways to off yourself this bitch took the most creative way

  • big_daddy305 July 21, 2014

    Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a pencil in my eyes.

  • goodster July 21, 2014

    Should of used tent stakes. The big yellow ones and a hammer.

  • goodster July 21, 2014

    Ok,Ok.... We get the Point! You need attention.

  • scottishtits77 July 21, 2014

    Have to go with Jay on this one. I hope to fuck she took a good snort of Morphine or Oxy before she rammed those fuckers in. Fuck that...gimme a shotgun up the vag so I can go out with one last bang!

  • eat3beans July 21, 2014

    Are they going to ban pencils now?

  • fistermister July 21, 2014

    I tried a lot of different ways to get out of homework but this never crossed my mind.

  • mykejp July 21, 2014

    Trying to end her writer's block.

  • cellule July 21, 2014

    Fucking a schoolgirl is fun. A fucked-up girl is'nt fun.

  • potrostation July 21, 2014

    Kith Ledger did it.

  • iamapocalypse July 21, 2014

    I hope they were #2 pencils. And as a female it was probably a long drawn out moment. Drama queen

  • tonyk July 21, 2014

    Brings a new meaning to pencil neck.

  • rockinron July 21, 2014

    wtf?all the blood guts and dead folks you people have seen on crazyshit, and none of you can tell this is not a dead person or even a real wound? and jay i'm real disapointed in you dude for thinking this was real!

  • dagun July 21, 2014

    I wonder if her nipples are like pencil erasers.

  • sbohica July 21, 2014

    Damn, I wud of given her all the Roxys she needed!!! If this is real, I can \"see\" how she feels!!!

  • dullfeathers July 21, 2014

    Apparently stabstract artistry didn't work out so well for her.

  • bigtex July 22, 2014

    It's all fun and games till you poke an eye out, then it's hilarious!! No blood no foul!!

  • captjim July 22, 2014

    I brought my PENCIL!!!!

  • nudepoker69 July 22, 2014

    she have a surprise when she awake up.

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