Because Real Life Is Too Boring

Yeah, this pretty much sums it all up. Why actually live real life when you can be on a computer of some kind? I think it's about time the earth cleanses itself for a fresh start. This round of life obviously didn't work out as planned.

  • bigtex July 30, 2014

    \"The graphics are awesome! It's almost like you're really there!!\"

  • fistermister July 30, 2014

    Video games are so deceiving that it makes you do good but in real life you suck!

  • goodster July 30, 2014

    Smack the kid in the back of the head and tell him to get off his ass. The parents are also at fault here too.

  • cthulu July 30, 2014

    Thats our future right there. Wtf.

  • eat3beans July 30, 2014

    What? he's just warming up

  • sbohica July 30, 2014

    What the fuck man!!! CSFL bitches

  • wifebeater2000 July 30, 2014

    its funny how hes wearing a bowling wrist thing

  • potrostation July 30, 2014

    He should be holding a smart phone with beer pic.

  • pizzapie July 30, 2014

    lazy cunt

  • rockinron July 30, 2014

    i am so glad i'll be dead in under 10 years! this world is gonna go to shit soon after that.

  • ouch July 30, 2014

    My wife gets upset when I put playboy pictures of hot chicks on her back and now I use an IPAD! Reality sucks. Plug me in to the mother fucking matrix NOW!

  • dullfeathers July 31, 2014

    Bowling for dummies...there's an app for that.

  • truckingman July 31, 2014

    @fistermister: The Fuckin" true...

    @goodster: HELL MF" YEAH!!!

    @cthulu: We're all FUCKED!!!

    @rockinron: Unfortionally, I have about 40-60 years left, so I'm Fucked!!!

    @ouch: Sometimes, we need an escape from reality...

    @dullfeathers: I'll believe that there's all was a new APP coming out every MF" second... I aplaliges for the misspelling...

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • cellule July 31, 2014

    iThink you can't find the POWER I/O on a bowling ball.

  • dozer67 July 31, 2014

    @rockinron 10 years Ron? more like 3..

  • dozer67 July 31, 2014

    Kids are so out of shape these days it's sad.

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