Sweet ass, and sweet ass tats

Some people are still not down with tattoo clad women, but I am not one of those people. I can agree some go overboard and it might distract their beauty, but that's not the case here. I feel it perfectly goes with this chicks smoking ass body.

  • vulture August 4, 2014

    now kneel on the couch and bend over

  • iamapocalypse August 4, 2014

    AWWW, she's kinda shy. Wish she'd grab something from the fridge like a good girl on the side

  • fistermister August 4, 2014

    I'd wash her dishes for a month if she'd like me smell just one of her farts.

  • potrostation August 4, 2014

    Yada. yada tats. Great ass!

  • bigtex August 4, 2014

    Now spread em'!!

  • goodster August 4, 2014

    Now THAT is a fine piece of ass.

  • eat3beans August 4, 2014

    I'd wipe her butt... With my tongue

  • cellule August 4, 2014

    Were do we wait in line?

  • pussysurveyor August 4, 2014

    no, the tatts are shit. Makes a decent looking wench look like a meth shit.

  • oldunclejohn August 4, 2014

    Tattooed whores are better captured by camera the best from behind.

  • vaticider August 4, 2014

    The front shot has a cock and balls in... Fool me once.

  • rockinron August 5, 2014

    by the looks of that watch, she takes trade as well as cash!

  • ouch August 5, 2014

    To the fat chicks that look at this site.....THIS IS WHY WE FUCKING CHEAT ON YOU !

  • bennyboy19 August 5, 2014

    I will never understand why sluts expect to have our respect. Do you want to be my sex bitch or not?

  • dozer67 August 6, 2014

    I don't mind tattoos on women, just not on the butt and the boobs.

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