A Rest From The Road

What's the problem? He's just a tired truck driver trying to get some rest on the road. Some people sleep better naked. Probably what happened was he pulled over to rub one out and fell asleep before he could pull his pants up. Or he's just a creepy pervert.

  • vulture September 21, 2014

    the guy taking the pic look more creepy than the trucker

  • spinal12 September 21, 2014


  • wardo56 September 21, 2014

    I've had worse in my mouth

  • longhungwong September 21, 2014

    I sure hope that isn't an ice-cream truck.

  • 2indastink September 21, 2014

    the trucking man Robert smallcock.

  • potrostation September 21, 2014

    Either a fat guy napping or a skinny guy who's been dead for a month.

  • bigtex September 21, 2014

    I've been wondering where the truckinman has been!!

  • anomic1 September 21, 2014

    If that is a vinyl seat he gonna be stuck to it pretty good

  • siko666 September 21, 2014

    The ole lady kicked him out of the cabin. This my friends is the trucker equivelant of the couch.

  • happyjack September 21, 2014

    Sincerely Robert Hanncock has been mia for a while......

  • eat3beans September 21, 2014

    Dock rockinron a days pay for nappin on the job

  • sirfartsalot September 21, 2014

    Just another day on the road.

  • fuckybrained September 21, 2014

    You can see the photographer's reflection, kinda looks like the fat man's dream bubble

  • goodster September 21, 2014

    I'd rather sleep in the bunk, but to each there own.

  • ghosthunter September 21, 2014

    Has to be a SWIFT driver..

  • xizang September 21, 2014

    I would love to know which one of you fuckers this is.

  • cthulu September 21, 2014

    Just trying to even out his tan

  • mrlongshot September 21, 2014

    So the secret is out, rockinron is a truck driver

  • dullfeathers September 21, 2014

    Driving in Florida sucks without A/C...can't blame him.

  • oldunclejohn September 22, 2014

    2indastink... best post ever! The Truckingman, Robert Smallcock... just great! Or not whatever!

  • whobe September 22, 2014

    News Flash. Robert smallcock (TM)@2indastink) found dead in his Freightliner, reports has it he was jerking off to some Crazy Shit "would you hit it" material when he found out that Rockinron was actually still alive, which at that point he ripped his pee pee off. We will have more updates after we speak with Jay D. owner of Crazy Shit about this hoax. Reporting live whobe gonuts and Fuck Her In The Pussy News. Back to you Numbnuts.

  • ouch September 22, 2014

    @whobe lol +1

  • rockinron September 22, 2014

    give me a fuckin break! someone told me there was some wound pussy in that truck.

  • cellule September 22, 2014

    Over-weighted & over-sized when bob-tailed. Beat that, Smokey.

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