Dumbasses at work

Today one picture is not cutting it for some dumbasses at work. We had to show them all in their full glory. Hey guy in the blue truck. How's the view up their dumbass? You know some people will be calling the ambulance shortly.

  • potrostation September 26, 2014

    15 years of commercial construction. None of this is shocking.

  • fuzzynaval420 September 26, 2014

    At least blue truck dude accepts and embraces his dumbassery

  • wifebeater2000 September 26, 2014

    that's wat happends wen u hire outside of home depot

  • truckingman September 26, 2014

    Dumbasses... First two is load shift, and the other two is stupidity in reaching work at heights...

    Shaking his head, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • vulture September 26, 2014

    male improvisation know no bounds

  • donunderstan September 26, 2014

    First two captures Chewy showing off his hydraulics brilliantly.

  • longhungwong September 26, 2014

    Mexicaaan Americaaans don't like to get up early in the moorniing but they have tooo so the do it real sloooow... Beaaaneerss.. Beaaaners.... Will kick you in your faaace!

  • bigtex September 26, 2014

    Getting high on the job!!

  • vaticider September 26, 2014

    Make do, do with, or do without.

  • whobe September 26, 2014

    You can't fix stupid but you can leave them up there.

  • fuckybrained September 26, 2014

    If you don't care about your life, I won' t either, but that light! OH MY GOD THE LIGHT NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

  • fuckybrained September 26, 2014

    If I didn't know better, Mr. Blue Truck looks like he did that shit on purpose. I would if I was quitting anyway

  • fulmerino September 26, 2014

    Are any of these people wearing hard hats? That's unsafe.

  • rockinron September 26, 2014

    i'd like to petetion fore a national fucktard week.

  • cellule September 27, 2014

    A simple piece of rubber would avoid all this. Please, wear a condom.

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