Get Outta The Road

So where's the moped? Anybody see it? I don't actually know that he was riding one, but I'm taking an educated guess. I suppose he could have just been walking across the street too. Whatever the case, he's fucking holding up traffic. Dick.

  •   fistermister October 7, 2014

    ♪ You're on a Sunday picnic

    And then it starts to pour

    You run through poison ivy, scratch until you're sore

    Ants come dancin', carry off the bread

    Didja' ever get one of them days

    When you should've stayed in bed? ♫

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  • bigtex October 7, 2014

    He's got a great Halloween costume now!!

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  •   rockinron October 7, 2014

    ever notice we almost never get pics like this from america?

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  •   vulture October 7, 2014

    ambulance is a waste of time...hearse would be better

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  •   potrostation October 7, 2014

    He made 50 bucks that day begging.

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  •   whobe October 7, 2014

    @rockinron True but we get excellent hood rat vids.

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  •   longhungwong October 7, 2014

    Learn to keep your head on straight and look both ways when you cross the street motherfucker.

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  • eat3beans October 7, 2014

    Chop the rest of it up and make some fried rice with it

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  •   sbohica October 7, 2014

    Man, the things peeps do to get attention these days!!

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  • cellule October 8, 2014

    Oh, Arnold Layne

    It's not the same, takes two to know

    Two to know, two to know

    Why can't you see?

    Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne..

    Don't do it again

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  •   ballshorts October 8, 2014


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