Drink Up Fellas, Ugly Is back

What does a strip bar do when their patrons aren't drinking enough? You bring back the ugly stripper. Most men know instinctively to drink until she's cute. I hope they have shot specials, because I have some ones and I'm ready to party

  • potrostation October 17, 2014


  • longhungwong October 17, 2014

    That sucks they must have fired that cute one legged midget stripper I had a thing for.

  • yeayeayea October 17, 2014

    Cheap ugly whores.

  • eat3beans October 17, 2014

    Maybe we'll just go to the next one

  • solidbriscoe October 17, 2014

    She has ringworm this time.

  • happyjack October 17, 2014

    Smart business move, ugly bitch means less tips and more cash that the patrons will spend on drinks to try to make her not so ugly.....genius.

  • rockinron October 17, 2014

    she must have just been released from the gentital warts sanatarium. damn unions in strip clubs suck!

  • goodster October 17, 2014

    Why do I need to go to the strip club when I do, and can see that at home.

  • bigtex October 17, 2014

    Hot strippers give $20 dances, ugly strippers give $20 blow jobs!!

  • captainkidd October 17, 2014

    And somewhere in the crowd is a nigga that cant wait to fuck her belly flab.

  • sbohica October 18, 2014

    ^^^^^Hey Capt, there's probably another nigga in the crowd who wants to work \"smarter\" BUT doesn't wanna work \"hard\"!!! Which is a total contradiction, considering dumb and lazy are better adjectives...

  • sparkles October 18, 2014

    The nigga owns the club. N he's got rockinron in drag! Drink up fella's!

  • rockinron October 18, 2014

    hey me in drag, is better than sparkles in the nude!

  • cellule October 19, 2014

    Misses the "L" between the B and the A.

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