Equal rights is what you wanted

I wonder how much she is bitching him out while she rows? It's always the noisiest ones that bitch about equal rights but wants a slave for a husband...I hope she's one of those people.

  • jlm77 November 3, 2014

    I don't see no picnic basket or six pack this bitch might be in for it

  • 2indastink November 3, 2014

    let her row you to the side then rape it.

  • sbohica November 3, 2014

    That dudes tied up with a bullet in the brain! She's taking his ass out to fit him for some concrete shoes...

  • kanada November 3, 2014

    Women will do a lot more for you when you have a loch ness monster in your trousers... So I'm told.

  • pinchetumadre November 3, 2014

    ..and bitch your still makn me a sandwich

  • longhungwong November 3, 2014

    She wrecked their car and hasn't told him yet... always be weary when your wife is suddenly doing something nice for you!

  • eat3beans November 3, 2014

    Oh I want equal rights.... But I also want special treatment

  • whobe November 3, 2014

    Amber Alert.

  • vulture November 3, 2014

    unless that boats going backwards shes sat the wrong way round...hope shes better at cookin and fookin

  • longhungwong November 3, 2014

    They're saving the motorboating for later.

  • wifebeater2000 November 3, 2014

    pretend you're holding 2 dicks like you would in high school and row bitch

  • fistermister November 3, 2014

    You like your teeth bitch? then row!

  • solidbriscoe November 3, 2014

    Isn't it about time that you made me a sandwich too?? You didn't make any sandwiches for this trip? That's fucking it!!! I'm kicking you off into the fucking river.

  • potrostation November 3, 2014

    No outboard. What kind of a sugar Moma is she?

  • rockinron November 3, 2014

    he's gonna be sleepin with the fishes tonight.

  • penzman November 3, 2014

    -Fuck, I fell asleep...How long was I out? Where are we?

    -Took a wrong turn hon, this is the Amazon. There's poison dart in the back of your neck.

  • uranus November 3, 2014

    I hope on their next trip when its his turn he gets hurt then she has to row again

  • fulmerino November 3, 2014

    Row, row , row your bo.....I SAID ROW, BITCH!!

  • bigtex November 3, 2014

    Never let them know how much your life insurance is!!!

  • vaticider November 4, 2014

    I must say shes dumping a body..

  • nybadguy November 4, 2014

    I think he's dead and she's dumping his bodie.

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