Where's this bench at?

I feel I speak for us all that we want to known where this damn bench is at. I mean look at that fucked up tree... She's even giving the tree extra wood.

  • rockinron November 10, 2014

    looks like the bangbuss back there, kicked out another clueless freshly fucked hotie!!

  • bigtex November 10, 2014

    Daddy likey!!

  • dizeer November 10, 2014

    She is Married !!

    Her legs are crossed !😫

  • potrostation November 10, 2014

    Great way to get that homeless smell off that bench.

  • fistermister November 10, 2014

    I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for your furburger today.

  • goodster November 10, 2014

    Even though she's probably long gone,, I'd still smell the seat.

  • uncze9 November 10, 2014

    Nice shoes

  • joedumber November 10, 2014

    looking at the silver car in the background its somewhere in Europe, not Spain or Italy because its too green and clean, not england because its too clean, i would say switz or german close to something like that.

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