I Parked Right Out Front

Traffic is crazy during the holidays and finding a parking spot can be a real bitch. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative, and it's totally worth it when you get a kick ass spot right in front of your building.

  • yeayeayea December 9, 2014

    Yep, women still can not drive.

  • vulture December 9, 2014

    and don't park in my parking space again

  • bobbabooey December 9, 2014

    Maybe if the gas pedal had a Macy's logo on it and the brake had a Nordstrom logo there'd be less confusion.

  • nybadguy December 9, 2014

    Asian driver. I'll put money on it.

  • potrostation December 9, 2014

    On star can't part your car bitch.

  • realtalks December 9, 2014

    Bitch probably complaining that her reverse camera was out!

  • makeyarise December 9, 2014

    Gonna hide behind this tree, nobody will see me... They'll never know I did that!

  • rockinron December 9, 2014

    what kind of car do you get when you let a SUV fuck a sedan?

  • thesaltine December 9, 2014

    She really did back that thang up

  • ouch December 9, 2014

    R is not for Rest or Relax!

  • truckingman December 9, 2014

    How the Fuck did that car side under the SUV??? The top of car front bumper height is about 12 to 20 inches...

    Wowed, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • whobe December 9, 2014

    9 months from now they will have a baby smart car.

  • eat3beans December 9, 2014

    You're not supposed to be putting on your makeup when parking

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