What Ever Happened To Playing Nintendo?

Where the hell are these kids parents…they need to be shot.

  • amber83 January 31, 2005

    must be mansons family reunion

  • deerslayer February 1, 2005

    welcome to the ozborne wedding

  • snowcat March 6, 2005

    s&m anyone?

  • bloodyspike January 15, 2006

    thats so hot i want the one in the middle and the back!!!

  • loren_54 April 6, 2006

    Why the fuck do people leave their homes looking like night of the living dead?? Fucking freaks.

  • skull13 October 14, 2007

    Well loren_54 we don't want to look like those fucking ambercrobie & fitch whores. You laugh at me 'cuz I'm differant , I laugh at you 'cuz you look like everyone else. ( You know NOT origial) I'm gothic accept I'm not this extream.

  • onecalledv May 30, 2008

    I agree with skull.. they are extremely gotic,but its their fucken choice…I CANT stand fucken douches that think everyone should look like the “norm”…fuck that

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