How About Some Anal?

Paul is pulling out all the stops so his girl will the go ahead for some dick in butt action. The bitch loves Papa John's, so he surprised her with some tasty cheese sticks. Now spread those cheeks woman. But do it before you eat to avoid a blowout.

  • thesaltine December 10, 2014

    Pizza isnt the way to go. get her drunk

  • picklehiesner December 10, 2014

    She must be white trash ... It would take a hell of a lot more than cheesy bread sticks to get in my girls ass

  • otakuharakiri December 10, 2014

    I'm guessing that the gas station was all out of roses.

  • crazyvet December 10, 2014

    You are assuming that pizza isn't for Jack?

  • bobbabooey December 10, 2014

    This is how you get anal from a "Would you hit it" chick.

  • fistermister December 10, 2014

    Damn, what would the bitch do for a steak.

  • scarred1096 December 10, 2014

    So this is before he got out the camera and filmed his finger red lining it up the stairs.

  • vulture December 10, 2014

    he needs a bottle of wine or 2 to get the job done

  • 2indastink December 10, 2014

    you just wasted $20 on a shitty pizza when you could've spent it on a whore and got a shitty cock.

  • rockinron December 10, 2014

    i bet the pizza taste like shit.

  • eat3beans December 10, 2014

    Make sure she showers really good before anal- I've had some pretty nasty shit mashed all over my dick. At least going in from the front you know what you're getting into- blood clots, green slime, white slime... random dibree

  • potrostation December 10, 2014

    Paul is Adam's pizza delivery Guy.

  • fuzzynaval420 December 10, 2014

    That's a gamble. I would've just ate the cheese sticks myself and settled for pussy.

  • bigdaddy88 December 10, 2014

    Papa John's cheese bread is good but I dont think its anal good.

  • realtalks December 10, 2014

    She or he is either really fat or really cheap!

  • boobles December 10, 2014

    @eat3beans... Fuck knows who you're boning with a sludge vag like that!!!

  • truckingman December 10, 2014

    A peasce offering. It might work...

  • truckingman December 10, 2014

    I ment "a peace offering."

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • kanada December 10, 2014

    Anal on pizza night. Trust me, not a good idea.

  • longhungwong December 10, 2014

    My neighbors wife is like a little ceasar's pizza... hot and ready, and a cheesy sausage lover.

  • goodster December 10, 2014

    If this is all it takes then I'll buy two just to seal the deal. With extra dipping sauce.

  • vaticider December 10, 2014

    That is one cheap easy bitch if it works...or Pauls got balls of steel and confidence for miles.

  • mykejp December 11, 2014

    At least they're not a sack of White Castle burgers.

  • bobbabooey December 11, 2014

    How about a bag of Funyuns for a blow job then?

  • bobbabooey December 15, 2014

    Homos are so romantic

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