Mammary Monday: Milk dud Dolly

Until today I didn't know milk duds float. Honestly these are probably the best set of black tits I've ever seen. Do we have any black female members out there willing to send in boobs? If so send them shits in.

  • woozlewuzzle December 29, 2014

    No thanks,you're the one race I'm not attracted to.

  • longhungwong December 29, 2014

    Dayum that is one very pretty black girl... Yo quiero!

  • wifebeater2000 December 29, 2014

    POV shot from inside a toilet

  • longhungwong December 29, 2014

    Clap clap yum!

  • fistermister December 29, 2014

    I can go for some chocolate milk right about now.

  • potrostation December 29, 2014


  • mrlongshot December 29, 2014

    Send those back, they are burnt.

  • honkie365 December 29, 2014

    No thank you, for reasons previously stated.

  • bigdaddy88 December 29, 2014

    I thought they didnt like water.

  • picklehiesner December 29, 2014

    I don't care what you racist fucks say this chick and her floatation devices are fuckin hot

  • perse December 29, 2014

    Melts in your mouth. .I'd fuck the shit out of her...

  • rockinron December 29, 2014

    thats one black chick that i would fuck so hard, she'd wanna call me master at the end of the night.

  • bigdaddy88 December 29, 2014

    This bitch is so fine, I'm gonna go donate money to Haiti.

  • ouch December 29, 2014

    Big Beautiful eyes, Big Beautiful bOObs. Hell Yeah! Sexy is sexy. I am racist.......... Against dick heads.

  • goodster December 29, 2014

    I'll be the cream on the side of her Milk Duds anytime!

  • cellule December 29, 2014

    How could they write "I love CS" since the ink in sharpies is black?

  • vulture December 29, 2014

    why is she wearing waterwings in the bath

  • bobbabooey December 29, 2014

    Security footage of another black person slacking off at work.

  • yeayeayea December 29, 2014


  • bigtex December 29, 2014

    She's sexy as fuck!!

  • realtalks December 29, 2014

    I'm down for some of that chocolate milk!!! She may not even be black, she could be Dominican, Brazilian, Puerto Rican... Remember fellas it's all pink in the middle!

  • mooseknuckle69 December 29, 2014

    @realtalks There is quite a huge difference between bubblegum juicy pink pussy and pink with purple shading..i just gagged.

  • mykejp December 29, 2014

    Would love to motor boat those chocolate titties.

  • whobe December 29, 2014

    Nice very nice.

  • nybadguy December 29, 2014

    Thats one sexy sister.

  • blaaap December 29, 2014

    Jezabel Vessir... Yup, she is a fine little thing.

  • cbracing1 December 29, 2014

    How did she not have her tits looted yet?

  • wombatbytes December 29, 2014

    Just keep her away from the fried chicken and she might stay cute for a while longer.

  • dullfeathers December 29, 2014

    Absolutely gorgeous! I don't have a tub but she can stay in my standing shower and look up at me with those beautiful eyes any fucking day.

  • feelnlow December 29, 2014

    All it takes is a few white features (Nose,Eyes,Lips) to make a black girl pretty fucking HOT!

  • happyjack December 29, 2014

    Just post some white dicks once in a while for the few members above who would prefer a white man over a pretty woman of color.

  • englishgent December 30, 2014

    I would love to blow a weeks worth on those choco jugs!

  • woozlewuzzle December 30, 2014

    Next time a girl doesn't want to fuck me,I'll call her a racist.

  • biggertalk December 30, 2014

    The ghost of bigtalk shall haunt you crackers.

  • nudepoker69 December 30, 2014

    First time she washing her tits in water, what breakthrough.

  • sanitywelcomed December 30, 2014

    All ya'll playing 'race' card because someone isn't attracted to a particular race? Really..this bitch isn't even that thrilled in the vid! Think she gives a fuck if the dude wanking it to this image is white or black? Please. She's looking like, "yep, these are boobs. now what?" Decent size, nice perk..that's all that needs to really be fucking said.

  • hornyfatman December 30, 2014

    She's healthy

  • jackpot December 30, 2014

    That's really something I thought Id never see on here.

  • darkmadness December 30, 2014

    She looks very fit!

  • Cory H. December 30, 2014

    Very fuckable, and apparently pre lubed the way that water sheds off her.

  • dozer67 December 30, 2014

    When you are married to a woman of color, you learn never to comment on another woman of color for safety.

  • mrlongshot December 30, 2014

    @coryH, that's just the grease from her hair running down

  • handsomedevil December 31, 2014

    if you're not attracted to her then you're a fag. not even racism justifies not being attracted to this ebony goddess. remember, every white slave master's favorite past time was fucking his slaves. ask benny franklin.

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