User Finger Smashed On The Job

"Got my finger crushed in a machine at work, it was pretty dope. Just thought I'd share. Viva La Crazyshit!" Hopefully he's at home getting paid to drink beers now. If you guys fuck yourselves up, send us pictures.

  • azzholee January 13, 2015

    think twice about fingering adam's ***, no one really know what he is keeping up there

  • bigdaddy88 January 13, 2015

    WTF, its like every week or so, a member is getting hurt. Now I know why they have safety warnings on everything.

  • azzholee January 13, 2015

    if you ask me getting stitched up is more painful than the injury itself

  • uncze9 January 13, 2015

    Been there and done that, years ago. Hope your not left handed. There is a learning curve to wipe your ass with the non dominate hand.

  • bigtex January 13, 2015

    Must lack with hand eye coordination!

  • wifebeater2000 January 13, 2015

    by the looks of your thumb , u should probly stay away from tools.. go back to the kitchen

  • potrostation January 13, 2015

    Statisticaly you're still ok to fap rightly.

  • rockinron January 13, 2015

    always wear finger condoms when mary jane rotten crotch is hanging off the end of your hand!

  • sbohica January 13, 2015

    Your a fuckin house "Mom" and that garbage disposal just kicked ur ass!!!

  • crazyvet January 13, 2015

    Is it just me, or all these job related injuries on white people. Maybe it has to do with the ratio of these people in the working world.

  • fistermister January 13, 2015

    Hey, stick your finger it this..........qh shit, That's what I thought would happen.

  • realtalks January 13, 2015

    ^^^Standing in line at the public aid office and hanging out at the corner liquor store is work for some!

  • cellule January 13, 2015

    I hope you'll get a free BJ..

  • scottishtits77 January 13, 2015

    Ha ha, crazyvet speaks the truth!

  • westy January 13, 2015

    Put some salt on that!

  • truckingman January 13, 2015

    What type of "Machine" where you Fucking with a Punch and Dies???

    , Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • test400 January 13, 2015

    That's fuk all

  • bobbabooey January 13, 2015

    What was the machine? Vending machine? Was the accident your fault for not following safety guidelines or the company's fault for hiring you?

  • kanada January 13, 2015

    JAY crushed his finger between the toilet seat & the bowl.

  • nybadguy January 13, 2015

    Hope it heals quick bro. Enjoy those pain pills if you got any. Sniff em. they kick in faster.

  • okie January 14, 2015

    Damn, some of you could look at the blue sky and find something to be racists assholes about.

  • sparkles January 14, 2015

    Bet he told his co-workers "hold my beer n watch this"!

  • cheshiregrin January 14, 2015

    @okie This is 'Crazyshit', not 'PC Central'.

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