Worst Toilet Ever

According to the in-store review, this is not such a great toilet. By looking at it, I would think you stick your ass in there, drop your deuce, and it will automatically wash and dry your ass for you. Can you imagine a dream machine like that?

  • azzholee February 4, 2015

    poop spins and spins? worst toilet? ( that's is a master piece in some places on this planet )

  • zmolez February 4, 2015

    My friend had a rental unit and the former Tennant thought his washer was a toilet also...nasty fucks

  • whobe February 4, 2015

    Dumb ass your supposed to lay it on its back.

  • vulture February 4, 2015


  • realtalks February 4, 2015

    He should try the steam cycle then to clean his ass

  • bobbabooey February 4, 2015

    And go top it off, the handle on the dishwasher sticks, so you gotta jiggle it.

  • cheshiregrin February 4, 2015

    I was going to say something smart-assed, but I can't think past the laughing at the moment.

  • yomammasass February 4, 2015

    The new Samsung Family-Size Shit Blender/Dehumidifier.

  • sexwithyourmom February 4, 2015

    Asian person would say....why would I want to flush it? That's gourmet dinner right there

  • nybadguy February 4, 2015

    I'd hate to see the urinal

  • stenchfart February 4, 2015

    well in all honesty they suck as clothes washers too

  • vaticider February 4, 2015

    They look stupid without a pedestal. Hell with them up in the air I don't mind doing the laundry...but I don't fucking fold...

  • bigtex February 5, 2015

    Those things are useless without a woman to work it!!

  • big_daddy305 February 5, 2015

    Shiniest turd ever.

  • cellule February 5, 2015

    Jay, you may need some duct-tape to fit your Type-R bidet on this toilet.

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