Cats and Rats Get Rich Scheme

This almost sounds like a ponzi scheme based off rats and cats. I'm not saying I don't think it will work, I am just saying, it seems a little off. It probably needs a bit of refinement really. Anyone ready to try it out?

  • potrostation February 6, 2015

    It's a meat perpetual motion machine!

  • cellule February 6, 2015

    They thought the same about slavery.. Now look at what we have to deal with..

  • bobbabooey February 6, 2015

    If you can get Asians to work for you it'll be a completely closed loop, because you can feed the rat and cat carcasses to the Asians, and any dead Asians can feed the cats and the rats.

  • boney1 February 6, 2015

    Walmart will pay the Chinese 10 cents a skin and use the meat in a chain of restaurants and youll be out of business in a year

  • picklehiesner February 6, 2015

    Not the kind of pussy fur I'd be interested in

  • fuzzynaval420 February 6, 2015


  • gabryl February 6, 2015

    I always wondered how was funded

  • donunderstan February 6, 2015

    Even my Pitbulls say that's wrong.

  • stenchfart February 6, 2015

    what do you do with all the cat and rat shit that accumulates?

  • whobe February 6, 2015

    @stenchfart ^ You ship it to the Japs for profit. They use it for toppings on their salads.

  • nybadguy February 6, 2015

    If that was me. I would sell the cat skins to whoever needs them then sell the cat meat to the chinease restaurants. That's more profitable.

  • realtalks February 6, 2015

    I guess I'm starting a Chinese restaurant/fur store/ dry cleaning business

  • happyjack February 6, 2015

    I like how it kind of just skimmed over the part about 100 cat skinning men working for $5 per day.

  • bigtex February 6, 2015

    Call it, "Pussy Fur 4 U"!!

  • truckingman February 6, 2015

    Whom in their right mind want to buy a cat skins??

  • celtickhan February 6, 2015

    I think my avatar approves a few comments.

  • fulmerino February 6, 2015

    ........I like pussy.......

  • bigtex February 7, 2015

    Hairless pussy is best⬆⬆

  • goodster February 7, 2015

    Now I want some Chinese food.

  • sparkles February 8, 2015

    Y'all are some funny fuckers! I laughed more at your comments than the actual post n boobabooey was the funniest of them all!!!

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