Genius Advertisement for Valentines

I have no idea what this is for, but I think I want to sign up. Does this ad mean I can take my statue and balls, and poke a butt? If so, where do I sign up?

  • bobbabooey February 20, 2015

    This would've been hilarious six days ago

  • fingers February 20, 2015

    Jay you got it all fucked up. They're gonna flush your ass with that fountain and then that bitch is gonna do you with the big dildo. I think she's keeping your balls.

  • fistermister February 20, 2015

    Come to Rome and get fucked.

  • realtalks February 20, 2015

    Red light district here I cum!!

  • stenchfart February 20, 2015

    subliminal suggestions

  • potrostation February 20, 2015

    Wood cock seams more Holland.

  • truckingman February 20, 2015

    Talk adout Subliminal Advertising, they want you to Fuck everything....

  • dullfeathers February 21, 2015

    Adam's frantically searching for the blueprints of that structure.

  • bucknuts February 21, 2015

    i'm so embarrassed....

  • yeknom February 22, 2015

    "I have no idea what this is for" If you were able to read, you'd clearly see its for booking hotels around the world, specifically intended for last minute trips. I guess you were just too focused on the phallic imagery?

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