Take It For A Joy Swim

I'd hate to sound all sexist and shit, but you know it was a woman driving. I'd hate to sound all racist and shit, but chances are that woman was Asian. Well, I guess at least now we know for sure that it's not a water vehicle.

  • burlyfish March 17, 2015

    I see there still experimenting with the hydrogen powered cars.

  • picklehiesner March 17, 2015

    Stay in your lane bitch

  • coonboy March 17, 2015

    Gotta be the breast stroke.

  • ibetdaddy March 17, 2015

    all i know is that bitch better not be late with my sammich

  • fistermister March 17, 2015

    They're full of shit calling that an all terrain vehicle.

  • big_daddy305 March 17, 2015

    That's not how you car pool.

  • hungsolow March 17, 2015

    Adam, it's OK we all know you are one effing racist LOL. You dont have to be sorry :D

  • stenchfart March 17, 2015

    GPS not updated

  • bobbabooey March 17, 2015

    Everybody knows black cars can't swim

  • potrostation March 17, 2015

    Snow mode.off-road mode. Shit no pool mode.

  • shortbus March 17, 2015

    Michael Phelps is back on the sauce

  • bustercherry March 17, 2015

    Still a very hard color to keep clean. That's unless your a retarded cunt.

  • truckingman March 17, 2015

    There had be some alcohol involved, a MF" SHIT LOAD!!!!

  • shenanigans March 17, 2015

    I'm guilty of this too but I have a good excuse. I was flashing my tits at a crowd of guys and girls when my vibrator went ballistic and I came so hard I hit the gas pedal. Ouch was not happy as the car was only a week old. Sorry babe

  • ouch March 17, 2015

    @shenanigans That's actually true but shhh babe CS is not the place we tell the truth! Thank fuck for insurance

  • handsomedevil March 17, 2015

    actually, it was a jewess. she thought she saw a penny at the bottom of the pool from the freeway overpass.

  • stoli March 18, 2015

    I never knew that a pool water dissolves a license plate...???

  • cellule March 18, 2015

    Sorry, we can only wash one side at a time.

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