You Don't Want Him Seeing You Naked

I was an EMT way back when, and I also got to cut some peoples' clothes off after people crashed their cars. Unfortunately, 99% of them were people I did not want to see naked. But if you're lucky, you just might find that diamond in the rough.

  •   longhungwong April 2, 2015

    How many trannies ended up in wrecks Adam?

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  • bobbabooey April 2, 2015

    In the fire department, we see ALOT of naked people, but most of them are in their 80's and 90's. I have seen a couple really old ladies with obviously fake boobs. It's like putting custom rims on a Yugo.

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  • ludenlasivius April 2, 2015

    Just make sure to update my Facebook status for me, thanks bro.

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  •   potrostation April 2, 2015

    I'm good for a laugh.

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  •   goodster April 2, 2015

    Need to get one for my friend that just passed his EMT test.

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  • bigdaddy88 April 2, 2015

    Works for me, your mom already did.

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  •   longhungwong April 2, 2015

    Maybe I should asked how many trannies ended up wrecked Adam.. and was it by you?

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  •   truckingman April 2, 2015

    How very MF" TRUE.....

    LMMF"AO, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  • burlyfish April 2, 2015

    Now I know why there are so many dumb blondes getting into car accidents .Its not because they are shitty drivers it because there' an EMT out sabotaging there vehicles.

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  •   ouch April 2, 2015

    I throw fake cats at hot chicks driving cars just to give them CPR when they crash

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  •   only1hans April 2, 2015

    First thing we learned in EMT class CUT IT OFF! ! ! or Was it CUT IT OUT ! ! ! I cant remember, ah Fuck It...

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