A New Hip Jesus

  • daddakamabb February 14, 2005

    that just made me shed a tear for all of humanity

  • naughty_samara February 14, 2005

    that makes me almost wanna go to church.

  • rockybalboa February 15, 2005

    That´s my Jesus! He´s acid, he's tough and he is fair!

  • rockybalboa February 16, 2005

    Hey, you all need from Jesus. All of you who are reading this... you fucking sinners. When was the las time you went to the church? You little scumbags...

  • naughty_samara February 16, 2005

    well i am 25 now not been to church since i was 16.

  • tainted blood February 18, 2005

    i went to sunday school.... once... im a satanist... THE ONYL POWER I BELIEVE IN IS MINE!!! -maniacle laugh-

  • gqbabyboy69 February 20, 2005


  • nonamesleft February 28, 2005

    and low, it is written, that Jesus laid the smackdown upon their candy asses.....can you smell what the Lord cookest?

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