It’s Just My Interoperation

  • naughty_samara February 16, 2005

    that is cute

  • rockybalboa February 16, 2005

    no g.d. comments on this.

  • daddakamabb February 17, 2005

    they sell all types of funny cake toppers at craft stores all day long

  • vanilla_cream February 17, 2005

    Poor Rocky. Some chick must have really fucked you up.

  • rockybalboa February 17, 2005

    Not really, but I see so many examples of the same makes me up my guard with you girls. But I´m sooo girladdicted, and the worse part is that I am not willing to give it up.

  • sexychik28 March 6, 2005

    I am gonna have that on my wedding cake when I wait marry!!!!!!

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