Don't fuck with the fatties

This sign has sound advice. Big people are like great whites. You put your hand on their plate or anywhere in front of them you're looking for amputation.

  • 2indastink May 11, 2015

    Fat people don't have anything on their plates.....that's why they're fucking fat.

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  •   longhungwong May 11, 2015

    Fat girls give the best head. I don't regret it one bit. All I heard was: "Take one for the team?". Took a minute to understand what the fuck that meant and damn....

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  • realtalks May 11, 2015

    It's sound advice to not fuck with fat people, they carry a heavy burden and have a ton of problems!

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  •   goodster May 11, 2015

    Why not?? They're as good of a target as anyone else.. Only fatter.

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  •   fistermister May 11, 2015

    There's nothing on my plate, so give it to me.

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  •   potrostation May 11, 2015

    You also might loose a finger.

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  •   potrostation May 11, 2015

    @ 2indastink: Between the buffet and the table the food is visible. After that you need a high speed camera.

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  •   truckingman May 11, 2015

    There are some people you Should Not Mess With, the over weighted are in the MF" Group.....

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  •   only1hans May 11, 2015

    Look at the bright side... During the next Zombie Apocalypse, Fat People Become the Buffet...Ain't life a bitch...

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  •   mykejp May 12, 2015

    More like they have enough in their stomachs, ass and third chins.

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