Gaynism, Now We're in Trouble

  • vanilla_cream February 18, 2005

    They are all praying that the person who's ass is in their face doesn't have gas.

  • rubber56 February 18, 2005

    no their trying to suck their on dicks

  • tainted blood February 18, 2005

    your both wrong!... their merely keeping their faces warm between their thighs...

  • vettechbaby February 19, 2005

    Your all wrong, they actually know what to do before the world ends, get down on your knees, tuck your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye!

  • tha_prins February 25, 2005

    Holy shit, there's a whole other row of ass in the back ground! Should pinch their clothes while theyre not looking then open an over-priced clothing kiosk!

  • nsladytee September 17, 2008

    la la

  • phuchuebuddy November 27, 2008

    allah akbar

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