No Trailer, No Problem

What is a man to do, when your boat trailer is broken, and you want to get to the lake? You just have your buddy ram the boat right up on the top of your truck. That shit should get you to the lake in no time. Good thinking!

  • goodster June 7, 2015

    I'm pulling this guys Man Card.

  • potrostation June 7, 2015

    Bob threw strap around the boat and truck and headed to the lake. Because any day fishing is better then a honey do list.

  • realtalks June 7, 2015

    I've Never seen a boat with 4 wheel drive before

  • maddog123 June 7, 2015

    Apparently you never been to the south this is normal with the freaks down here

  • sickfuck642 June 7, 2015

    toyboata the new hybrid

  • ibetdaddy June 7, 2015

    early cylers truck,boat truck

  • nybadguy June 7, 2015

    Looks like a redneck parade to me.

  • fistermister June 7, 2015

    I guess that's a new way of asking if you ever had your shit pushed in.

  • fatlarry June 8, 2015

    Hells yes wheeew!!!

  • handsomedevil June 8, 2015

    you've heard of all terrain? this model is amphibious.

  • el_chingon June 8, 2015

    "Don't worry Bubba....I do this with inflatable rafts all the time".

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