Day 1 into marriage equality and things are looking up

So America has hurdled that milestone, and now we are in the end times as some of the more hardcore evangelicals have advised. Well if this is the start of it I'm ready to see what tomorrow has in store.

  • jlm77 June 27, 2015

    Who fucking cares

  • whobe June 27, 2015

    Now Obama can admit he married a man.

  • woozlewuzzle June 27, 2015

    Cancelled because nobody bought fucking tickets.

  • longhungwong June 27, 2015

    In marriague equality who's supposed to make the sammiches?

  • dozer67 June 27, 2015

    The Divorce lawyers must be jumping for joy!!!

  • nybadguy June 27, 2015

    They suck anyway.

  • bustercherry June 27, 2015

    I'm fucking crushed

  • truckingman June 27, 2015


  • maddog123 June 27, 2015

    Why are we two posts short today

  • scottishtits77 June 27, 2015

    +1 Whobe....that's fucking funny!

  • bobbabooey June 28, 2015

    I had a few people on FB, including a family member, unfriend me because I called them out on their hatred of fags. The gays never messed with me, so live and let live. Is God upset over a Supreme Court decision? Really?

  • realtalks June 28, 2015

    +1 Bobbabooey- people should be entitled to marry whoever they want, it doesn't bother me at all. People always talk about seperation of church and state, and the bible thumpers talk about marriage is 1 man and 1 woman and they want the law on there side for purposes they deem important. Also Nickleback is gay but hey they have a right to be what they want

  • immanuelkunt June 29, 2015

    @realtalks They want the law on their side because if it weren't their goofy little cults would fizzle out.

  • yomammasass June 30, 2015

    I can't say if Nickelback is a gay band or not, but they certainly do suck.

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