Great Photo Opp

Tee hee hee. There's like 70 people dead, we should take a picture and put it on Facebook. What the fuck is wrong with these two? Someone needs to smack them upside their heads with crash wreckage. You can't fix stupid.

  • woozlewuzzle July 2, 2015

    Say mass casualties!

  • whobe July 2, 2015

    Say fly to low.

  • wifebeater2000 July 2, 2015

    say ping pong wont be home for shredded cat and poop

  • xizang July 2, 2015

    Wait a moment! We need a crispy corpse to stand up next to us for effect.

  • el_chingon July 2, 2015

    Look okaachan.....we missed our flight !

  • breakfastblunt July 2, 2015

    Just use a sepia filter afterwards, the lighting and contrast will give the effect that it's still on fire. That should garner another like or two.

  • realtalks July 2, 2015

    Everything is a photo op with these fuckers!

  • scottishtits77 July 2, 2015

    Third world trash. Yeah, we first world people might be materialistic assholes, but at least the majoritory of us couldn't do shit like this or leave some poor bastard dead or dying on the ground in front of us and not try to help. I can take all the gore, death and fucked-up humour that many find offensive, but shit like this makes me genuinely angry. Little yellow-brown people of an Eastern ethnicity seem to lack the gene responsible for empathy, compassion and decency when it comes to helping others. Fuck 'em. I hope Karma fucks these assholes up good and proper and that nobody will piss on them if they find themselves on fire. Wankers. I despise them.

  • realtalks July 2, 2015

    You tell em scottishtits! Now send in more pics of your lovely tits please

  • truckingman July 2, 2015


  • potrostation July 2, 2015

    They missed that flight.

  • fatlarry July 2, 2015

    Death and destruction is definetly a good look for me

  • outotown July 2, 2015

    Inappropriate unless they are survivors.

  • happyjack July 2, 2015

    People are more interested in taking and sharing pictures of their experiences than living and enjoying the actual experience.

  • ouch July 2, 2015

    @happyjack Fuck oath

  • ouch July 2, 2015


  • korumkills July 3, 2015

    I think its more fucked up that it appears to be a cop taking the picture

  • captianchaoz July 3, 2015

    Maybe they were the only survivors, and being filled with joy, needed a picture???

  • suckzone July 11, 2015

    "Now go over there by the dead bodies."

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