How were they able to save this?

Medical science really is something else. How were they able save that shit. What would amaze me more is if it's fully functional afterwards. That's probably hoping for too much though he should be ok will not having a club foot for life.

  • big_daddy305 July 20, 2015

    Just call me flat-footed Freddie.

  • potrostation July 20, 2015

    The 6 million dollar foot. Well that's what they charged his insurance.

  • zahnfee July 20, 2015

    This guy is dead allready. Look at the floor. Is that how a surgery look like? I think this is more a quick fix up for the mortuary.

  • danimal69 July 20, 2015

    Somebody called the toe truck.

  • whobe July 20, 2015

    Moped fetish.

  • bobbabooey July 20, 2015

    He'll be okay. Can somebody give him a ride back to the Home Depot parking lot? And I'm only paying him for half a day's work.

  • mrlongshot July 20, 2015

    Skewed and ready for the grill. How to save them? Put in a ziplock baggy and refrigerate. Left overs should be consumed within 1 week.

  • mykejp July 20, 2015

    Never kick an operating lawnmower.

  • goodster July 20, 2015

    Looks like he got into a bit of a "toe jam".

  • burlyfish July 20, 2015

    Bet them doctors are pretty good at playing with Lego's also.

  • jeeprod July 20, 2015

    Actually, injuries that are predominantly skin... aren't difficult. Missing pieces altogether is a challenge and 'crush' injuries are the most difficult repairs.

  • truckingman July 20, 2015

    He will have those titanium pins for about a year or two.

  • addictedtothc July 20, 2015

    +1 for keeping his toe nails clipped.

  • rifleman123 July 21, 2015

    Bad case of toe jam

  • rouge_et_blanc July 21, 2015

    That was one helluva goal he scored

  • txdo_msk July 22, 2015

    They can attach a toe but they can't straighten it out? That big toe is practically sideways...

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