You Can Put Him Back Together

From what I understand, this dude was high on drugs and decided to pull out his intestines. Good thing he sucks at life, because he lived. They were able to save him, but I think he might be pooping into a bag for the rest of his life.

  • pinkdildolickr July 22, 2015

    There he goes spilling his guts again

  • potrostation July 22, 2015

    Never play twister with Wolverine.

  • ludenlasivius July 22, 2015

    I think that's why they're not called outtestines.

  • boney1 July 22, 2015

    If only Obama would get that high :-(

  • realtalks July 22, 2015

    He couldn't get those last few baggies of dope out so he had to go in the hard way

  • ludenlasivius July 22, 2015

    First time he tried it he musta set himself on fire.

  • vulture July 22, 2015

    he'll be fine ...don't be late for work or your fired

  • wardo56 July 22, 2015

    dick is too small. let him die

  • longhungwong July 22, 2015

    I don't know why republicans complain about Obama so much, the fucker is a sell out. He helped out the car industry and the banks more than the people. The immigration shit he did was BS he knew it be challenged in court, the Obama was a rep. in the closet. He also does favors for the evil cable companies. To hell with you kindly sir @ Obama, your one step from qualifying as a Mexican elected official!

  • longhungwong July 22, 2015

    Don't judge him, it's what's inside that counts!

  • nybadguy July 22, 2015

    Wonder what made him stop.

  • goodster July 22, 2015

    That took some guts.

  • corruptedsob July 22, 2015

    His junk is fucked

  • mykejp July 22, 2015

    Why even bother putting him back together?

  • truckingman July 22, 2015

    Just shaking his head, .............

  • rifleman123 July 22, 2015

    This fucker was to cheap to pay a doctor so he cut out his on appendix

  • yeknom July 23, 2015

    Better luck next time.

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