I don't think that's what she meant

She showed up to the party wanting the train to be ran on her later that night. I have a feeling they misunderstood what she was wanting. I guess she got fucked either way so maybe she wasn't disappointed.

  • crazyvet August 31, 2015

    If you play on train tracks and can't see a fucking train coming, you deserve to die.

  • longhungwong August 31, 2015

    This the only way that feminist from the other picture will ever get a train ran on her!

  • bobbabooey August 31, 2015

    I hope this is that dude from a couple weeks ago who was jumping under the train.

  • mrdrip August 31, 2015

    quick! she's still warm...

  • big_daddy305 August 31, 2015

    What a lame hiding spot.

  • xizang August 31, 2015

    Damn... look at all the springs! That's some serious weight on those wheels. Not a problem with chopping and dicing a body on the rails.

  • realtalks August 31, 2015

    She had the wrong type of train ran on her

  • fatlarry August 31, 2015

    Pull her on out there might still be enough to work with

  • goodster August 31, 2015

    I'd be happy to join the train on her but her caboose looks a little torn up for my liken.

  • truckingman August 31, 2015

    It is MF" SAD to see this Shit.

  • nybadguy August 31, 2015

    That's what happens when you offer a blond a rail.

  • dracos September 1, 2015

    she looks like a total train wreck

  • stabbert September 1, 2015

    Soviet Russia's version of a Cleveland Steamer

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