Newspaper vendor, Meet garbage truck

I've always wondered if these guys get hit time to time. Normally they are at stops so I figured it would be a light fender bender, but this bitch got more than that. It's bull shit though because now my funnies have brains on them.

  • big_daddy305 September 5, 2015

    Hey.. good news! Now you get to be on the very publication you sell!

  • potrostation September 5, 2015

    I thought news paper vendors were extinct. Well now they are.

  • truckingman September 5, 2015

    Have we seen this picture before?

  • ludenlasivius September 5, 2015

    @ truckingman Why yes, sir. Yes, we have indeed.

  • goodster September 5, 2015

    So would this be a RESPLAT?

  • joedumber September 5, 2015

    I did that job once, but i stood on the sidewalk. i dont have to tell you that it sucks, particularly when you stand on the sidewalk of your neighboorhood and everyone knows you.

  • rifleman123 September 5, 2015

    Fucking niggers always laying down on the job

  • 72jayd September 5, 2015

    I guess he's selling more than newspapers now. Anyone need a kidney?

  • bucknuts September 6, 2015

    Ewww, See the poop there in the blood......that's gross

  • aquahollic September 6, 2015

    look it's humpty dumpty

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