Thank God

  • naughty_samara March 10, 2005

    hell thats kinda cool!

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  • sealex March 10, 2005

    Read it

    Learn it

    Live it

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  • jennatime March 10, 2005

    Just because us fat gurls don't smoke crack doesn't mean we don't need water. DUH!!! Where do you think the whales live.

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  • vanilla_cream March 10, 2005

    It is cool, but needs 'NO FAT GUYS' too! I don't want to look at some shmoe who can't see his shlong!

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  • scumfrog March 10, 2005

    hey let the fat chicks in.... they could make money selling shade!!!!

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  • goucho March 12, 2005

    I agree vanilla, one sign prohibiting all fat people is what they need.

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  • alamakota March 13, 2005


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  • anqelic March 25, 2005

    How come the fat dudes are allowed? They just as nasty..I quess they fiqured they can't do nothinq, cause they can`t find their penis anyways.

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  • sammi1991 September 29, 2005

    i kno, man we cant help being fat. just lyk when u c us eating cake or sumfin, sayin thats bad, we like cake just as much as you do and theres nothing wrong with eating it (unless thats all you EVER eat). we eat healthy just like you do, probly healthier then u coz i dont drink, its shameful seeing this type of racism among people.

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