Abuse of Animal AND Drunken Driving

I did not snopes this fucking thing to see if it was actually real or not. I did laugh my ass off at the thought of some drunk asshole grabbing a racoon, and trying to get it to blow into a breathalyzer. True or not, that is some funny shit!

  • sbohica September 30, 2015

    Harold and Kumar are footing the bill to retain an attorney for this young man.

  • boobles September 30, 2015

    Oh god.... I read the animal abuse title and almost started crying.... Thank god the raccoon fought back!!! Yay!!!

  • nybadguy September 30, 2015

    Bad day for that duse

  • whobe September 30, 2015

    If he was smart he would have borrowed one of 2inda goats to chauffeur him around.

  • mrlongshot September 30, 2015

    This story is priceless, you can't make this shit up.

  • solidbriscoe September 30, 2015

    Fun times in the navy. The navy brig too.

  • redhedridr September 30, 2015

    Rocky the Raccoon went back to his room only to find Giddens bible, so much for being a defender of the universe,,,

  • realtalks September 30, 2015

    The lesson learned here is that if you get a raccoon to take a breathalyzer for you make sure you drop him off before he attacks you into having an accident

  • bananahammock September 30, 2015

    Now that's the Navy "Can Do" spirit!

  • picklehiesner September 30, 2015

    I tried that once but the raccoon was to drunk

  • astrozorro September 30, 2015

    This racoon has my salute! This dude must have been an engineer. I would loved to see the CO's face as he reads the report durring Captain's Mast. Too funny!

  • sparkles September 30, 2015

    Doesn't Adam live out in San Diego?

  • big_daddy305 September 30, 2015

    No. Adam lives in San Fransisco...

  • potrostation September 30, 2015

    Don't fuck with Rocket.

  • bucknuts September 30, 2015

    Many 1st dates go a little rough

  • darksider803 September 30, 2015

    good job popeye

  • corruptedsob September 30, 2015

    2inthestink Cosby Style

  • aquahollic September 30, 2015

    drunks are some of the most imaginative mother fuckers on the planet... but I still say all drunk drivers should be shot

  • truckingman September 30, 2015


  • happyjack September 30, 2015

    Half of the PG will never read all of that text in the picture. They'll just wait for the movie to come out.

  • mykejp September 30, 2015

    At least he didn't try to make that raccoon give him a blow job.

  • truckingman September 30, 2015

    He would not have a penis left on his body Mykejp.

    LMMF"AO, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • handsomedevil September 30, 2015

    i hope to god this is true. crazy fucker.Llmao

  • dracos October 1, 2015

    Man, thats the first time I ever hear of a coon being put to good use.

  • rouge_et_blanc October 1, 2015

    A raccoon blowjob rape is a serious crime.

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