Your Sundays words of wisdom

If there were any words I've read today that rang true these are it. Getting catch on anything isn't fun, and if you're history is as questionable as mine after a day of crazyshit I wouldn't want it seen by most.

  • potrostation October 4, 2015

    That's raciest!

  • sbohica October 4, 2015

    Making love is a lot more important, in the 21st century, than making toast!

  • xizang October 4, 2015

    Now, don't be picking on progressive-liberals. Just because they're brain dead is no reason to be saying bad things about them.

  • dozer67 October 4, 2015

    Yep I agree with the sign.

  • stenchfart October 4, 2015

    or doing a proper interpretation of history...not just a conservative warped view

  • darksider803 October 4, 2015

    I totally agree with this sign.

  • fockenperv October 4, 2015

    Stupid people sould never let liberals run anything

  • happyjack October 4, 2015

    The way this sign is written it can be interpreted a couple of different ways.

  • crazyvet October 4, 2015

    Once we forget our history, we are destined to repeat it.

  • toreal October 4, 2015

    If only the world could get rid of hateful,fake Christian right wingers, the world would be a better place.

  • realtalks October 4, 2015

    That's the main focus point every politician learns

  • corruptedsob October 4, 2015

    Since I been married I been deleting more then history ... cookies .... catch ... and PIN numbers

  • sbohica October 4, 2015

    @toreal, once ur corpse has decomposed and there's nothing left but WHITE bones, then the world will b a better place.

  • urapnes1701d October 4, 2015

    Erasing history? The government does that enough already by rewriting it.

  • truckingman October 4, 2015

    How very true, it is our MF" Down Fall "No Past No Future..."

  • nybadguy October 4, 2015

    I agree. I delete mine like 4 times a day.

  • handsomedevil October 5, 2015

    did the internet make weirdos out of us all, or does the internet merely accentuate just how weird we already were to begin with?

  • cellule October 6, 2015

    Oh shit, thanks for the reminder!

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