Bring The Whole Family!

  • vanilla_cream March 14, 2005

    Put the kids and spouse on the slide and let the pirahna's do the rest.

  • naughty_samara March 14, 2005

    you gotta way with them too vanilla.

  • crazimami March 14, 2005

    lololol thats fucking awesome

  • babyg-string April 4, 2005

    COME HERE HUNNY...AND BRING THE KIDS...i have a surprise for u *wink*

  • sammi1991 September 29, 2005

    ya kno piranhas dont actually tear ya to shreds lyk in da movie. i kno coz mai friend had some and all they did when he gave them a goldfish (yep a live one) was pick bits off and swim away. thered b plenty of time to get outta there before you were dead. youd just have some bite marks is all

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