Talk about gun control

This guy know's how to handle a rifle. Well, he knows how to stick a rifle in his cheek. Now can he let the gun go, and let it hang from his cheek. Can you do that Mr?

  • mykejp October 22, 2015

    That's what you get for shooting your mouth off.

  • p00n_jabb October 22, 2015

    Its not every day that you see a ladyboy with an AWP in its mouth. Pretty cool.

  • potrostation October 22, 2015

    He's got gold caps to protect.

  • picklehiesner October 22, 2015

    Your not fooling us we know that extra hole is so you can suck two cocks at once

  • bobbabooey October 22, 2015

    Are you telling me the Thai Army can't spring for a few bipods?

  • dozer67 October 22, 2015

    @bobbabooey a human one is cheaper over there.

  • truckingman October 22, 2015

    I would like to see ether him or someone else shoot the gun while it is still in that guy's cheek. The heat from the barrel will burn and cauterise his cheek hole, wound...

  • corruptedsob October 22, 2015

    He needs more guns

  • nybadguy October 22, 2015

    Thai scooter gun rack?

  • fatlarry October 22, 2015

    point it at me again and ill see how far it can go up you ass

  • darksider803 October 22, 2015


  • felterupgood October 22, 2015

    9 out of 10 doctors concur that he is going to miss trying to blow his brains out.

  • maddog123 October 22, 2015

    When I'm stoned all I want in my mouth is a cunt and a beer

  • realism October 23, 2015

    I have seen this type of Asian camouflage before back when I was a sniper in Nam....( OK, that part is bullshit but fuck you anyway)

  • misfit_88 October 23, 2015

    Gun suicide... you are doing it wrong!!!

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