I feel bad for the pig

No barn yard animal should be subjected to this kind of cruelty. This big ole cow is getting all the pigs a bad name.

  •   longhungwong November 11, 2015

    Why isn't he fucking the cute one?

    +14 -3
  • bobbabooey November 11, 2015

    I'd heard she broke up with Kermit the Frog. I didn't know that she was into threesomes.

    +8 -2
  • iluvkitty November 11, 2015


    +1 -1
  • xizang November 11, 2015

    No, no, no. I said, I like women a lot, not that I like a lot of woman.

    +4 -1
  • eyeh8dumbasses November 11, 2015

    Once ..................ok twice I let a really fat chick like that suck my dick. She sucked my dick until I had no cum left. Best blowjob I've ever gotten.

    +9 -0
  •   fockenperv November 11, 2015

    Fat chicks do more

    +10 -0
  • makeyarise November 11, 2015

    That's definitely not a Pig Sooie moment!!!

    +2 -1
  •   sbohica November 11, 2015

    Why is he wearing a pigs mask? Their dicks aren't that small..

    +1 -1
  •   potrostation November 11, 2015

    Pig is next

    +1 -0
  •   whobe November 11, 2015

    She is fatter than her sister.

    +2 -1
  • tattydaddy November 11, 2015

    Feel bad for pig? Which one?

    +1 -1
  •   whobe November 11, 2015

    Hog on the left Pig on the right.

    +1 -1
  • darksider803 November 11, 2015


    +1 -0
  •   goodster November 11, 2015

    Is it a repost if it;s just a screen grab from a video that's been reposted on here before?

    +0 -0
  •   picklehiesner November 11, 2015

    Dirty pig fucker

    +1 -1
  •   corruptedsob November 11, 2015

    If he's lucky the pig will eat her

    +1 -1
  •   happyjack November 12, 2015

    No Californian's were harmed in the making of this video.

    +1 -1
  • dracos November 12, 2015

    later, that guy died and went to hog heaven

    +0 -0
  •   maddog123 November 12, 2015

    You people seen pictures on TV of girls living here in the south wearing them tight cut off jeans flat stomachs big tits blonde hair blue eyes you seen em well fuckers this is what 99% of what country girls really look like here on farms why do you think we have a reputation for fucking pigs goats sheep and a cousin or two, any bitch that looks half as good as I described never stays they hit the citys fast as there pussys can get them there and the picture above is what we are stuck with I guess that's why white boys here hate blacks because all them cute little bitches ended up fucking big bubba and there stuck with either big births above or sticking it to Betsy the cow Arnold ziffel or there cousin and there cousins ain't always girls, now don't get me wrong I love my south but its got like every thing else in this country these last few years it got fucked up.now as for me im not a farmer don't have any family I eat pigs but I don't fuck them cows don't turn me on but I like milk as for goats I keep a few around in case happy jacks comes visit and I would have him some pussy to fuck the last time he came down to visit I didn't have him no goat puss and he liked to masterbated his self into a cuma coma.

    +2 -1
  •   maddog123 November 12, 2015

    The end

    +2 -1
  • cellule November 12, 2015

    @longhungwong: Because he's an islamist.

    +1 -0
  • felterupgood November 13, 2015

    Looks like a typical Saturday night threesome down on the farm with the Mrs. and the baby sitter.

    +0 -0
  •   ugggggggg November 13, 2015

    Mmm.mmmmmmmmmmmm I'd let her tie my hands behind my back...then sit on my face...grind into my mouth...then place her tits over my face,,,make me sperm by rubbing my cock

    mmm.mmmmmmmm mmmmmm hemp hemp hemp

    +2 -0
  •   danielcan November 15, 2015

    @maddog123 Arnold ziffel, was he your first?

    How many calories in cum you ask? It don't matter if your fat so long as you swallow.

    +0 -0
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