Where's the tip jar

Ok here's a donation I'm willing to help with. I want to be put on the list for updates on what work is done.

  • xizang December 7, 2015

    Yeah, but I wanna see where my money's going.

  • prodeath December 7, 2015

    Well at least the money's not being wasted on food, housing or a kids christmas gift

  • mykejp December 7, 2015

    Follow the money!

  • outotown December 7, 2015

    Do you get the nickname 'boob job' because they turned out great or shitty?

  • dozer67 December 7, 2015

    A good boob job she can get a job in porn...pay back bitch!!!

  • realtalks December 7, 2015

    First I would need to see the product before giving a tip, how do I know if it's some katelynn Jenner wanna be

  • potrostation December 7, 2015

    If you got one;you don't need the other.

  • big_daddy305 December 7, 2015

    Those tips should go to better education. There should be NO apostrophe in "job's".

  • maddog123 December 8, 2015

    Say yes to pot get your dick socked

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