That's not how you're supposed to trim your nails

So this is why step ladders suck, and how long toe nails are a hazard in the same go. Now go clip the others you fucking animal.

  • sbohica December 13, 2015

    When keeping it real goes wrong. Some bitch tried kickin her ole man in the nuts, with sandals on and caught that zipper!!! "I keeps it real like that"!

  • urapnes1701d December 13, 2015

    When you go to kick the old lady in the face and your toe accidentally gets her tooth.

  • mykejp December 13, 2015

    Walk it off wimp!

  • bobbabooey December 13, 2015

    Talk about toe jam.

  • whobe December 13, 2015

    No more hangnail.

  • nybadguy December 13, 2015

    No foot job's for his boyfriend for a while

  • ven0m89 December 13, 2015

    If he would have kept his fucking gargoyle toe nails in check that wouldn't have happend in the first place.

  • potrostation December 13, 2015

    Someone is getting ingrown toenail for X-mas!

  • fatlarry December 13, 2015

    Looks like what my Denver Broncos did today

  • maddog123 December 13, 2015

    This shit sucks. Now on a lighter note this morning I beat my meat I shot off shit my undys and fucking passed out am I dyeing anyone anyone am I .

  • ludenlasivius December 13, 2015

    Pop the hood on that thing, we'll take a look and see what's wrong.

  • goodster December 14, 2015

    They Gotta Cream Fer Dat!!

  • durante December 14, 2015

    kicked a metal TV stand once, breaking my toe & having blood push up the nail. My dad said use a drill to cut a hole & drain, but was to stupid to just use the bit. Ended up broken & with a hole in my toe, removed the nail with a razor & vise grips, sucked...

  • kingjoa December 14, 2015

    quick apply rubbing alcohol it will make you feel better

  • whitechristian December 20, 2015

    Chinese torture.

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