Jeep Sheds Ice Sculpture

One of the things I hate the most about winter is waking up to see my truck covered in ice. Having to grab the water hose and try to melt away the ice from the windshield. This gives me an idea though. Maybe next time I'll try to turn it into a work of art.

  • sleeko December 21, 2015

    Same thing happens, when my wife takes off her bra.

  • potrostation December 21, 2015

    What an ice hole.

  • darksider803 December 21, 2015

    OLD PIC. Nuf said......

  • longhungwong December 21, 2015

    @darksider damn dude. you're pretty whiney man. was either this or a russian girl who was skinning and mutilating a dog. but you're the one who complains about the gore the most. Fuck it posting that one tomorrow.

  • zedex December 21, 2015

    Well that's a chilling effect

  • darksider803 December 21, 2015

    @longhungwong OK WHATEVER DUDE........

  • maddog123 December 21, 2015

    Have you seen the price for a bag of ice put that shit in the freezer

  • felterupgood December 21, 2015

    Sargent, We won't be needing a tire impression kit for this one.

  • picklehiesner December 21, 2015

    Invisible jeep

  • sbohica December 22, 2015

    @darksider, "Ok, whatever dude"... That's all u got? @wong is a Jedi master, here in the PG! He deserves more respect young man, show it!

  • darksider803 December 22, 2015

    @sbohica When respect Is received then respect will be given. Any true Jedi knows this young one.

  • bookertank December 22, 2015

    we like the cars the cars that boom with tigra and bunny

  • assmasterson December 22, 2015

    @darksider, someone needs to kick you in the cunt. Just shut up already.

  • darksider803 December 22, 2015

    @assmasterson Funny dude real funny. You make me laugh and that's saying something.

  • jimmydcap December 22, 2015

    sleeko. I can't top that comment.

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