Educational Toys

  • naughty_samara March 24, 2005

    shit...i bet they sued the hell out of that toy maker!

  • vanilla_cream March 24, 2005

    Is that what they call tough love now?

  • noble172 March 24, 2005

    just think what the out come would have been if she where suffering postpardom depression lmfao

  • cntrykittie21 March 25, 2005

    How would that of happened?

  • noble172 March 26, 2005

    i am guessing that would be the work of one very disgruntled worker

  • rockybalboa March 28, 2005

    When I was a kid a neighbour had a toy that talked when you pulled a cord. At that time I tought it said: "Don´t fuck with me fucking gay".

  • unibrad June 20, 2006

    this reminds me of the episode of south park where the japanese release a toy called chinpokemon and it says to all the kids to take over the american government :)

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