A Moment In Drunkness

  • big bull March 29, 2005

    Party in Iraq?

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  • yawannarassel March 29, 2005

    god bless america

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  • naughty_samara March 29, 2005

    hes passed out cold....hes gonna get a BAD sunburn!!!

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  • rockybalboa March 29, 2005

    Fucking faggots! They don't fucking pay respect to the United States of America Flag. Many people fought and died for that flag goddammit!

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  • noble172 March 29, 2005

    this guy is going to be in serious trouble if he doesnt wake up before the ants find that mellon...

    damn that would suck

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  • vanilla_cream March 29, 2005

    I hope the ants eat his ass up.

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  • goucho March 31, 2005

    we may not like it but that flag stands for his right to get that fucked up and do just what he's doing, and if he is in Iraq I'm sure he has earned that right.

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  • vanilla_cream April 1, 2005

    Only a true friend will let you pass out drunk naked, paint on you, put up props, take your picture, and post it on the web.

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  • deerslayer April 3, 2005

    The only things missing to make this a good prank are a blow up doll,a dildo,some mayonase to put on the sides of his mouth

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  • kiyablaise June 3, 2005

    so thats wat men do on holiday!

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