The Yelping Thief

What a courteous thief. He left a review and everything, but I wonder if his review of the jail cell will be as high.

  • vikingshill February 14, 2016

    You "wonder if his review of the jail cell' is what, Jeff?

  • nybadguy February 14, 2016

    He returned the bike and wrote a letter. Well atleast we know the perp is a white.

  • rickyragoo February 14, 2016

    @nybadguy totally agree and the rim is still there...

  • wifebeater2000 February 14, 2016

    black person woulda carved pictures into the pavement

  • ouch February 14, 2016

    @nybadguy and it wasn't pimped out

  • truckingman February 14, 2016

    I am confused by the fact the thief returned the bike, apologized for their bastions, and said that they would do it again in the future. Why did the theif just not ask to borrow the bike from the beginning?

    Shaking his head at this MF" confusing situation created by this their, Robert Hallock

  • oathbreaker February 14, 2016

    ill be damned... i can respect that shit. that aint stealing, thats borrowing without permission

  • allcaps February 14, 2016

    @wifebeater2000 you should have said nigger,you must not to be in the top 10 comments at the end of the week

  • ouch February 14, 2016


  • mrpoop February 14, 2016

    Put an air bag under the seat.

  • cellule February 15, 2016

    I'll try this with my buddy's wife.

  • sbohica February 15, 2016

    ^^^Roger That^^^

  • ozzi February 16, 2016

    Seems like a note you'd get from a politician turned thief.

  • ilovelamp February 16, 2016

    That's English banter as well. Us English are the fucking most courteous fucking fuckers as fuck!

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