Eating Noodles Asian Style

You're just not eating ramen noodles the way they where mean to be eaten if you don't eat them Japanese style. I don't even mean with chopsicks. I mean you have to eat them out of a toilet bowl. If you don't do it this way then you're just not doing them justice.

  • rickyragoo February 29, 2016

    what,he couldn't find someone to shit them out...

  • vulture February 29, 2016

    that's one way to get some flavour into your noodles

  • mrpoop February 29, 2016

    Hot pot soup

  • mykejp February 29, 2016

    Poor man's pu pu platter.

  • breakfastblunt February 29, 2016

    Dave, you're not doing the English language justice. I swear you and Jay knock back a slate of keystone before posting.

  • cellule February 29, 2016

    That's safe enough. Infections and diseases are'nt much of a killer like mopeds.

  • picklehiesner February 29, 2016


  • insanemonkey February 29, 2016

    fake! that toilet was clean as fuck.

  • ouch February 29, 2016

    Even know when see a lot and I mean A LOT of Asians eating, playing and having weird sex with poop we should not judge an entire race of people on a majority of their actions because that would be racist!

  • sbohica February 29, 2016


  • provert February 29, 2016

    So that's why my noodles taste funny when I eat at a Japanese restaurant

  • maddog123 February 29, 2016

    I might jack off tonight my dick feels FROGY

  • rockinron February 29, 2016

    well he has the eat shit part down, now whens he gonna die?

  • maddog123 March 1, 2016

    Looks like happy jacks invited some friends over for some soul food.

  • eric3533 March 1, 2016

    I am never eating at that restaurant again.

  • ouch March 1, 2016

    FUCKING Gooks... no disrespect intended

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