Vending Machines Are Trolls

I hate vending machines. I swear they're meant to be automatic trolls. You might as well save your dollar and give it to a stripper instead of having you soda can hit the window, flip and bounce back just like I saw a stripper do once.

  • cellule March 2, 2016

    Life does'nt stink sometimes, it just smells funny.

  • vulture March 2, 2016

    drop one outside the machine and it goes off like a fire extinguisher

  • fistermister March 2, 2016

    I blame the bottom row of monsters.

  • whobe March 2, 2016

    Machine must of seen the can had an expired date on it.

  • rickyragoo March 2, 2016


  • provert March 2, 2016

    I miss cigarette vending machines

  • rockinron March 2, 2016

    nothing busted glass can't fix.

  • ouch March 2, 2016

    No Drink Dispense intended

  • dozer67 March 2, 2016

    That had to happen, the ones I use have a little lift that lowers the soda.

  • mykejp March 2, 2016

    What a dick of a vending machine.

  • corruptedsob March 2, 2016

    Like a first date

  • ugggggggg March 2, 2016

    One question....why was someone "videoing" the machine in the first place??? I suspect it saw him/her filming,and simply started*showing off".

  • happyjack March 2, 2016

    Ouch you are obsessed with me. I never intended on being such a big part of your life but I'll take it as a form of flattery.

  • truckingman March 2, 2016

    “YOU--- MOTHER FUCKER......” I hate it when vending machines MF" FUCK W with you. However, what are you supposed to do about it?

  • ouch March 3, 2016

    @happyjack you can take it any way you want dude. I'm glad you like the attention.

  • insanemonkey March 3, 2016

    same tease you would get for a dollar.

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