This teriyaki chicken taste fresh

This is possibly the freshest buffet I've ever tasted. I guess they use chickens people raise like pets. This ones name was Fido...kind of a weird name for a chicken I guess.

  • sbohica March 12, 2016

    "Excuse me Server, cud you remove this leash from my egg-drop soup?"

  • spinal12 March 12, 2016

    FIRST nigga's

  • rickyragoo March 12, 2016

    ^^^not for this post^^^

  • rickyragoo March 12, 2016

    the restaurant would have a better menu if they moved next to a pet store...

  • fockenperv March 12, 2016

    Does scruffy have big juicy hine leg?

  • felterupgood March 12, 2016

    Remember doggies... relax your tails... chinks won't eat a droopy tail pet.

  • corruptedsob March 12, 2016

    .... and business is blooming

  • ouch March 12, 2016

    Now that's one way to cut down on shipping and transport cost.

  • sbohica March 12, 2016

    @spinal12, my avatar is very offended..

  • truckingman March 12, 2016

    Just shaking his head, ............

  • happyjack March 12, 2016

    The picture vault is low again.

  • maddog123 March 13, 2016

    Good one happy now eat shit while I just say since this post sucks I will let all you crazyshiters who have worried about my itchy balls I no you worried the most happy and thinks for the get well card you sent me and also your sweet suggestion of coming here to the south and scratch my balls but no not nessary any more because I'm cured my balls stopped itching so finally we here at crazyshit can get back to normal and stop worrying about my hairy balls which I shaved thanks every one for all your warmth and concerns about my balls,there back to there normal pink complexion.

  • dhwbomber March 14, 2016

    ... Lacking strength

    1 star *

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