It's Ok The Concrete Broke His Fall

I wouldn't worry about this guy. That cinder block wall broke his fall on the way down. I'm sure that isn't the only thing it broke. If you're going to suicide at least be a showman about it.

  • rickyragoo March 16, 2016

    I wish there was audio for that,there's nothing like that smack of raw meat hitting the ground...

    • noihavetosaythis January 29, 2017

      @rickyragoo we are still happy that uncle billy took the time to make a good video instead of talking to him.

  • longhungwong March 16, 2016

    I was thinking the same ^^. Great camera work too shame it had no audio so it became an animated gif.

  • gabryl March 16, 2016

    That was still a little shocking

  • picklehiesner March 16, 2016

    If I ever decide to jump I'm going straight up swan dive yelling crazy shit on the way down

  • fistermister March 16, 2016

    Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what your cheating wife wanted you to do.

  • fluffy_hamster March 16, 2016

    Nah he's fine.

  • captianchaoz March 16, 2016

    Pickup the pieces and try again...

  • sirfartsalot March 16, 2016

    Just like Owen Heart.

  • fucka March 16, 2016

    ha ha fucking idiot that's what you get for climbing on something that is electric with a lot of high voltage.

  • mrpoop March 16, 2016

    parkour is awesome

  • truckingman March 16, 2016

    It looks like the cargo container broke his neck or separated the base of his spine from his brain stem enough to kill him.

  • rockinron March 16, 2016

    well atleast he didnt get electrocuted.

  • corruptedsob March 16, 2016

    That was almost to shocking to watch

  • nybadguy March 16, 2016

    I was hopeing for a fireworks show

  • maddog123 March 16, 2016

    You know they got bandages for that.

  • felterupgood March 16, 2016

    That was just sad. Any ladies in here want to give me a hug?

  • wombatbytes March 17, 2016

    @picklehiesner : Great - make sure you arrange some good camera work with a stable tripod, planned splatting zone and effect microphones.

    Plus, never employ Michael fucking J Fox!

  • cellule March 17, 2016

    "Red Bull gives you wing" does not apply when mixed with vodka.

  • ozzi March 19, 2016

    Idiots falling are always more entertaining when they hit something on their way down.

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