I'm getting mixed signals

I saw this room at the hotel, and I don't know what goes on in there but it obviously isn't what I think it should be.

  • wisebastard March 20, 2016

    I think it means the weed you just smoked made you go blind so now its time to stop smoking

  • vikingshill March 20, 2016

    Have a brownie instead

  • rockinron March 20, 2016

    cigarettes are real bad for you, mary jane on the other hand.......

  • fistermister March 20, 2016

    Not much seems to happen in room 420.

  • rickyragoo March 20, 2016

    translated to "no smoking before 4:20 pm "

  • cellule March 20, 2016

    It says "Push to open"...

  • nybadguy March 20, 2016

    Let me the fuck in

  • allcaps March 21, 2016

    its written in braile so you cant say you did'nt see it

  • allcaps March 21, 2016

    tough crowd tonite...

  • walterwhite March 21, 2016

    It means no smoking cigs, only top shelf weed

  • mykejp March 21, 2016

    It means no joints, bong rips only.

  • maddog123 March 21, 2016

    This fucking sucks a picture of a door number I know I'm high but I don't get it but it does remind me I need to buy a door for my bedroom I fucking TRIPED over one of these damn cats a while back and fell thru it all I got now is a blanket nailed up there keeping out the draft looks like shit but fuck it might just leave it hung up there its cheaper than a door and softer if I fall thru the fucker again.and I hate cats.

  • rockinron March 21, 2016

    thanks sbohica i appreciate the minuses, you are not fooling anyone.

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