Transgender She-Male Dragon Cuts Off Her Ears

This guy used to be a banker but decided to transition into a woman. Wasn't happy with just cutting off his penis. Later he or she or whatever it decided she identifies as a dragon with no ears. So he cut his ears off. I have a feeling this restroom thing is bout to get a lot more complicated. Oh not to mention also cut off its nose.

  •   whobe April 6, 2016

    Fucker walks in while I'm pissing I'll grab that freak by the tail and throw it out back in the grass and by the way my dog loves chasing lizards.

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  • cellule April 6, 2016

    I prefer expressing myself with a couple bumper stickers.

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  • darksider803 April 6, 2016

    Dam circus freek fucker!!!!

    +3 -0
  •   picklehiesner April 6, 2016

    How bout cut off its head

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  • bananahammock April 6, 2016

    I guess we need a new bathroom for those we can no longer identify as human.

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  • sleeko April 6, 2016

    When this beast gets to be 70 yrs old, it'll look like a melted box of crayons.

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  • wisebastard April 6, 2016

    Steve Irwin would not touch it for a million dollars

    +2 -0
  •   potrostation April 6, 2016

    Wait till Alan Snack Bar get's a load of her.

    +2 -0
  •   mykejp April 6, 2016

    The only job they can get is being an exhibit at the zoo.

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  • wardo56 April 6, 2016

    Rocky Horror

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  • mrdrip April 6, 2016

    C'mon guys, give him a break! Daddy molested him...and he liked it. Now he's all fucked up (literally and figuratively), he wants to be daddy's girl but at the same time he knows it's wrong, so he punishes himself by doing this shit to his body.

    +4 -0
  •   truckingman April 6, 2016

    Picklehiesner I would be afraid that two heads will grow back in it place like the MF" Mythical “HYDRA!!!!!!”

    Just SHOCKED, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  •   nybadguy April 6, 2016

    I see that in a bathroom and i will be the only one walking out.

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  •   happyjack April 6, 2016

    Doesn't bother me. You can be a completely normal looking person and can be a piece of shit, or you can look like this person and be a great human being. Can't tell by looking at him.

    +4 -3
  • aquahollic April 6, 2016

    now go to work so your taxes can finish it's tattoos

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  • upyourbuttjobu April 7, 2016

    You can talk all the shit you want about it....IT CAN'T HEAR YOU! HA HA HA!

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  • blartfart April 7, 2016

    One bullet...that's all.....right where his ear used to be.

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  •   rockinron April 7, 2016

    must be daddy was HARDON him growing up.

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  •   dozer67 April 7, 2016

    He needs to shorten his arms for the true dragon look.

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  • ibetdaddy April 9, 2016

    motherfucking white people

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  • nsde86 April 14, 2016


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