Getting That Sticker Was A Bad Idea

I think this guy is going to be having to deal with traffic stops and police constantly. Having a sticker that says cops suck dick isn't the best of ideas.

  • vulture April 11, 2016

    the truth always hurts

  • belchesfelches April 11, 2016

    Yeah, I agree. That TV show has gone downhill since that cop shot a cameraman.

  • fockenperv April 11, 2016

    does that guy want to be pulled over every day?

  • belchesfelches April 11, 2016

    @fockenperv Either that or he's a 'special' kind of sparkly snowflake.

  • blumpkin April 11, 2016

    At least three tickets... tire width, sticker blocking rear view and license plate cover.

  • mrpoop April 11, 2016

    I wonder who he calls when his house gets broken into....

  • fistermister April 11, 2016

    They pulled him over to inform him that Marion PD don't suck dick, they suck cock. huge difference.

  • oyster April 11, 2016

    Agreed @blumpkin

  • realtalks April 11, 2016

    dumbass just made himself a target to get pulled over every single day.

  • rockinron April 11, 2016

    @realtalks nope, black guys dont drive trucks like that.

  • maddog123 April 11, 2016

    Man what a dumbass I would rather walk thru Harlem wearing a Klan outfit with a bull horn yelling I hate niggers.

  • truckingman April 11, 2016

    Dave I was wondering in which state is this DUMBASS reside?

    Just shaking his head and LMMF"AO,

    Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • longhungwong April 11, 2016

    Not sure could be Marion Arkansas or could be South Carolina

  • truckingman April 11, 2016

    Why do these people have to live in the Southern States? They are giving us good law abiding citizens of the Southern States a bad name.

  • realtalks April 11, 2016

    Wouldn't matter black or white Ron, I would be pulling this dumbass over every chance I saw him

  • mykejp April 12, 2016

    He has a right to police brutality.

  • dozer67 April 12, 2016

    But what if the cop is a female or gay???

  • insanemonkey April 12, 2016

    sounds like "small man syndrome" lifted truck with bold ass stickers.

  • adonymous April 12, 2016

    So do prisoners

  • felterupgood April 16, 2016

    @mrpoop He probably calls the morgue to come pick them up.

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