Would You Like Herpes With Your Pizza

I hope this is just a case of bad translation. I don't know anyone who would want herpes with their pizza. I usually don't mind a little yeast if I'm going to eat something but please do hold the STDs.

  • sanitywelcomed April 18, 2016

    Those pepperoni slices looking like it's already shot with some herpes and few other things

  • corruptedsob April 18, 2016

    It will also come with artificial flavored anchovies

  • vulture April 18, 2016

    it must be in the staff contract to throw one off the wrist onto the pizza

  • bananahammock April 18, 2016

    or the special sauce of bomb fragments.

  • fistermister April 18, 2016

    What do I look like, a Mary? Of course I want herpies on my pizza, and don't skimp on the HIV's either!

  • belchesfelches April 18, 2016

    "Try our baba ghanoush now with extra gonorrhea!"

  • whobe April 18, 2016

    Can I get crabs on mine?

  • rockinron April 18, 2016

    no but i'd like a fur burger on the side.

  • truckingman April 18, 2016

    I am going to avoid this pizzeria. Were is the next pizzeria located?

  • mykejp April 19, 2016

    The cheese is made of smegma.

  • nybadguy April 19, 2016

    No thx. I'll take a grandma slice.

  • felterupgood April 21, 2016

    Don't worry, charred herpes just adds flavor

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